Sunday, 27 February 2011

Kensington Bear Fair 2011

Well today I have been at the Kensington Bear fair in London, my mum is a regular attendee since I introduced her to the world of artist bears many years ago. Now that I've stopped collecting bears myself I haven't been for a couple of years, but as the teddy bear supplies shops are the only place I seem to be able to buy the ultra suede I use to make my keyrings I thought it would be nice to go along and stock up while I was there.

The fair was busy as always and is spread over 3 floors, Rita of Woodland Teddies had kindly offered to feature some of my mum's bears on her stall. So she has been working hard all week to get them finished so they would be ready.

This was a very proud moment for my mum, the first time her bears have been available to buy at a teddy bear fair. The mohair for these bears was hand dyed by Rita of Woodland Teddies so it seemed appropriate that these ones were showcased.

You can find more information about my mum's bears at So with the bears in place it was off to explore the fair, my dad went and sat on the balcony with his book, (his usual position) I have a sneaky suspicion it was also so he could see the reaction to mum's bears from the fair goers. I photographed some of the bears and animals that really stood out for me, they are as follows:

This little fella really stood out as he was so unusual, available on an exclusive basis from

I loved this display from Jody Battaglia in particular the whale toy on wheels.

Apologies for the slightly blurry picture, but I loved the style of these bears by Kreft Bears

There was a set of four of these little mohair birdies, by Little Hugs by Susan Gam, amazingly Susan remembered be buying a bear from her many years ago, I was sorely tempted to take this little buy home with me, but resisted the temptation...for now at least :)

This amazing sculpture is the work of artist Shelly Allison from The Rabbit Maker

This artist Katie Rae Bears blew me away. The bears were so detailed and I loved the style they even had gemstones pressed into their noses, some of them even featured real diamonds!

So mum and I had a great day at the fair :) Her bears didn't sell this time but they did get lots of hugs :)

And I also picked up an old back issue of 'Stuffed' magazine about softies and plushies which I was really happy with. I love craft magazines! Especially import ones :)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fab Magazine CLOTH!

The other day in my local Hobbycraft I stumbled across this magazine CLOTH.

It's AMAZING!! It's in a small size format so ideal for your handbag, it's jam packed with everything to do with sewing and fabric based crafts from making/adapting your own clothes, knitting, crochet and much more. It also reviews products and shops as well as lots of feature interviews.
I read it cover to cover (including the adverts) and then ordered all the back issues I could get hold of! Unfortunately it is only out 4 times a year (boo hoo) and the first two issues are sold out (double boo hoo) so if anyone know where I can find them please email me :)
Here is the link to their website I am off to subscribe right now!

Friday, 25 February 2011

What a Busy Week!

This week has been pretty manic, not only are we all ill (me, hubby and the smurf - my 2 and a half year old son) but I had my first real event for CLS Creations. A month or so back I had booked myself a stall at my local G Casino's 'Be Gorgeous Pampering' Event. Aimed at women as the name suggests lots of stall selling make up, body products, treatments, etc. I have had a stall there before in the past but not since I started making things again and not with my new range of keyrings and brooches and coin purses.

So I was interested to see how well they would do, I also decided to re brand myself and my website, so squeezing it in between my other web design work and staying up far too late I finally came up with the new design for which I am really happy with.
I made myself some lovely price labels and a sign explaining that all the items were handmade and ordered some lovely zebra print bags off ebay as well as a hat stand to hang my larger bags from.

I managed to get a good amount of stock ready (although not as much as I'd wanted) and Mum and I set off for the casino. (she was my happy helper for the night in case I needed to dash to the loo)

I was approached first of all by a lady asking me about my wholesale prices which I took as a huge compliment. My first sale came from fellow stall holder (and friend) Em's Cupcakes I went on to sell a further two coin purses, two keyrings and a brooch.
I was more than happy with that as the event only lasted a few hours and it's given me a good idea of what is popular. So I have much to do before the craft fair I'm attending at the beginning of April!

My teams BNR is starting tonight at 7pm and running all weekend so I'm really looking forward to that. You can see a preview of it here hoping to generate lots of sale for British Handmade Artists.
Then on Sunday I'm off the the London Kensington Bear Fair with my mum of Lottie Lollipop Bears phew, I shall need a rest next week I think!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

A little bit about me...

I have finally decided to get my blog up and running, this will mostly be about my day to day crafting life and the things I am up to. Some of you will know I am the Captain of the British Sellers on Etsy team, is a fantastic website that allows you to buy Handmade and Vintage items or supplies for craft. It is ideal for unique gifts and unique home stylings. Each seller has their own shop, I set mine up last year and then didn't do much with it, one house move and a garage conversion later I finally had the space to start seriously making my creations so I returned to Etsy and set up my shop CLS Craft Creations. I wanted to immerse myself in the Etsy community so started up the team, we know have over 1000 members. As for me, I'm inspired by so many things and interested in so many different things, but fabric and creating things is my main passion. I have so many ideas in my head I have to carry around a little sketch book and I never seem to get the chance to make everything that's in my head. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog :)