Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A day out in London

My husband is a huge Lost fan so when he found out Matthew Fox was doing a play in London he booked tickets for us straight away. We decided to see a matinee as it was easier to arrange the childcare for our son then him staying over night.

So off we went on the train early on Saturday morning, I took some of my sewing and managed to make another few brooches on the journey, so that was productive much to my husbands dismay.

When we arrived at Charring Cross we saw the scores of people participating in the protest which I hadn't realised was on. We headed to Pizza Express for lunch/dinner as it's our favourite restaurant and the afterwards to Lucy In Disguise a new vintage clothes shop run by Lilly Allen.

The shop was done out to a really high standard, and there were some lovely clothes, way out of my price range but it was still nice to browse.

I also managed to get a fab stand for my keyrings from a shop just down the road

This will be perfect for the craft fair this coming Sunday in Herne Bay at the Kings Hall. (3rd April, 10-4)

The play In a Forest Dark and Deep was very good, I have to say I'm more of a musicals girl myself, but it was really good. Matthew Fox was amazing! Afterwards we went to the stage door to see if we could catch a glimpse of him. Hubby doesn't get star struck very often and in his line of work he crosses paths with celebrities from time to time, but he has such respect for Matthew Fox as an actor that he was over the moon to get his picture taken with him.

Look out for my next blog post were I will be unveiling the new lines I've been working on :)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Knitting and Stitching Show 2011

Last Saturday I attended the Knitting and Stitching show at Olympia in London. The show was spread over three floors, the bottom was knitting, the next floor was stitching and the third floor was paper craft. I went along with my mum who is an avid knitter and my friend Sarah who is a textiles teacher. We went down to the knitting floor first, there wasn't as much knitting stuff as I thought there would be but what was there was great, including the largest pair of knitting needles I have ever seen! Maybe even the largest in the world! As you can see from the picture below they were giant sized needles, they were being used to raise mooney for charity, you paid a £1 and got to have a go at a couple of stitches, they were knitting a giant rug.

There was a stall which had large needles (although not as large as the other ones) which I had a quick go with. I don't think I'd be able tonight with them for very long as they were quite awkward to hold.

Something else that caught my eye were the amazing tea cosies by Loani Prior That were more like art.

There was also a beautiful display of replicas of famous works of art that had been knitted.

We moved fairly quickly round the paper craft floor, although there is a new magazine called Mollie Makes which comes out in May which I would definitely like to take a look at.

There was also an amazing scrapbook artist who's work was on a level I've never seen before. Including some amazing 3D pieces.

The stitching floor was naturally my favourite, there were about 4 fabric stalls and I got these beautiful fabrics which I've already got plans for :)

I also came up with a new design this week. With Easter round the corner I designed a bunny rabbit felt brooch which you can see below, I also want to make an Easter Chick if I have time.

But I'm frantically working away to make enough stock for the craft fair I'm attending next Sunday and I have two new products that I want to have ready for the fair, more about those when they're ready.
I also decided to offer a wholesale price list this week after a few enquiries from shops so if you are interested in stocking any of my products please email me for a price list.

Friday, 18 March 2011


It's been a little quiet on the blogging front namely because we were on holiday last week in Butlins! But never fear, I wasn't about to let a little thing like a holiday stop my production, so I gleefully packed myself my travelling sewing box. Which I have to say was met with much eye rolling and "you are joking?" type comments from the hubby.
I don't know about you but I'm the sort of person if I'm not doing two things at once I feel like I'm wasting valuable time, so I will quite happily sit in front of the TV watching a film and doing some sewing.
Which is just what I did while we were away, after a hectic day at Butlins surrounded by swarms of other peoples children (all lovely I'm sure) I needed to be able to unwind.

So whilst on my travels I made Mr Brown Owl brooch

A blue elephant to add to the elephant brooch collection:

A pale blue whale as stock replenishment:

And last but not lease a brand new design which I have to see is my absolute favourite, I received two compliments on it the other day when I wore it out, I give you.......Cute Tree Brooch!!!!

I also received 2 trade enquiries yesterday, one from a shop in Bristol and the other from a shop in Belgium, so we shall see what happens there.

I was extremely productive last night whilst hubby was occupied with his roleplaying group and I've cut out loads of new clutch bags and coin purses as well as some zip purses and larger bags.

Tomorrow I am off to the Knitting and Stitching show in London, so I'm sure there will be a blog post about that next week. Happy sewing!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Unveiling a new creation and my slightly disorganised workroom!

Well I have just created a new little critter and I thought I would share it all with you, it's been a bit slow on the posting front as I've had the dreaded lurgy this week. So I'm doing a double post today, if like me you LOVE seeing other crafters working spaces then this post is for you. I have taken some pictures of my disorganised workroom. We actually converted our garage to make a office/workroom/library/gym. We were trying to get as much use out of the room as possible and to be fair I probably spend more time in here than any other room. But first, onto my new creation. I am expanding my range or felt brooch animals, my sketch book is chock full of my little drawings it's just getting round to making them into actual brooches, but I have finally completed hedgehog brooch.

Little hedgehog brooch started life as this little doodle:

After deciding what colour to use and which thread, hedgehog brooch was born, you can now purchase him from my online shop here or through Etsy here.

And here is where the crafting magic happens:

My trusty sewing machine, which I could not live without. Whilst I sew all my brooches by hand, all of my bags are sewn using the sewing machine. This was a birthday present a few years back, just a bog standard model, it doesn't have lots of fancy stitches but it does the job :)

Now this may look like a bit of a mess and well yes, it is. But this is were I keep all of my fabrics and bits and pieces that I use to make my bags. This workroom isn't actually finished yet, there is another whole unit with shelves that isn't finished yet. Once that's done all of my fabric and knick knacks will live there and this will go back to being a bookcase :)

These are where my finished creation live whilst they're waiting for a new home.

Why has she taken a picture of her window ledge I hear you say, well this is were I photograph all my bits and pieces apart from the larger items. But all my purses, brooches and keyrings are photographed on this window ledge on some sparkly net fabric. Now you know my secret!